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210 S Main St, Cleburne, TX
Calendar of Important Dates for the 2013-14 Primary and General Elections
"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote."
210 S Main St, Cleburne, TX
<Johnson County Republican Party will meet Tuesday  Oct. 7 at 7pm at JCRP Headquarters 210 South Main Cleburne>
A dusty old forum has been brought out of the closet to be used once again. There are still cobwebs to be swept out but it is available now for your perusal. We will still have our monthly meetings but the real day to day work of the JCRP will be done here in the forum. You can simply watch what is going on, or you can join in with your thoughts, suggestions, ideas or get directly involved with committees, activities, my but the list can go on and on.
This is about our families, our communities, our county, our state and our nation so lets start turning words into action.
Johnson County Republican Party Forum
Johnson County Republican Party Forum
The Building Committee is now open for business.
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