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                                          Knowledge IS Power
    We are faced every day with elected officials that govern us telling us what is best in handling the needs of our schools, cities, county, state and country. They do not always tell us all the facts that we as citizens need to know to make truly informed decisions that affect our daily lives when we are asked to vote for something or someone.
    Being an informed voter on all subjects is not realistic of course but we can, by working together, arm ourselves with the knowledge we need on any subject asking the right questions to get all the facts.
     Picking one subject that is of interest to you and becoming familiar with it by doing some research and then being able to share that knowledge with your fellow voters when that subject is brought up makes us all more informed when it is time to ask the right questions. A resource site is being set up so that any information that is available on any subject can all be found in one place.
                              So How Will This Knowledge Be Shared?
    A network of information sharing through the local political party's executive committee, the commissioners executive committees, political party's website, Johnson County Voters website, precinct, county and state conventions just to name a few.
                              So How Will This Knowledge Be Used?
     Individuals can ask for background information about any subject to use at governmental meetings (school boards, city, county etc.). To generate meaningful questions for candidate forums before elections are held. By precinct and county conventions for platform resolutions that can extend to the state convention. Providing background information before speaking to state and federal elected officials.  Answering voters questions when they would like to know from someone other than those who are for a referendum or candidate. To help formulate laws that can be presented to our elected officials.
                                 Informed Voters Research List
    If you would like to research a subject choose one from the Informed Voters Research List. Under the research topic chart there is a contact form, fill out the form and the Research List will be updated with your name beside the subject, you will then be assigned a contact form that upon a request for information you will receive an email that you can respond to. When 2 or more people have registered for a subject under the same heading you will then be the committee for that heading. The list will be made public to the voters as well as committees and organizations that could use your help. If you feel like sharing what you have learned and would like to put it in writing you can send it to and it will be added to the Johnson County Voters blog upon review.
                                    Thank You for being an informed voter.
                                          2017-18 Lege. Guide pdf.
                                       A good place to start your research.
Be an Informed Voter
Informed Voters Research List
2017-18 Lege. Guide pdf.